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Referee Code of Ethics

Game officials having certain privileges through and by Saskatchewan Soccer, with respect to the game, shall realize their responsibilities and duties to the Association and the game. The Saskatchewan Soccer Code includes and enlarges upon the Canadian Soccer Association's Code of Ethics for Game Officials.

A Saskatchewan Soccer Referee shall: 

  1. Conduct him/herself with dignity both on and off the field of play and shall, by example, seek to inspire the principles of fair play and earn the respect of those the referee serves.

  2. Not cause the Canadian Soccer Association, Saskatchewan Soccer Association or any regional referees association to become involved in any controversial matters and shall abide by the rules and regulations of the provincial soccer association and the referee's own regional association.

  3. Adhere to all standards and directives established by the international (F.I.F.A), national (C.S.A.) and provincial (S.S.A.) soccer association, and the referee's regional association.

  4. Always be neat in appearance and maintain a high level of physical and mental fitness.

  5. Study the Laws of the Game and be aware of all changes and shall enforce all said Laws and Changes.

  6. Perform his/her designated duties, including attending organized clinics and lectures, etc and shall assist their colleagues in upgrading and improving their standards of officiating, instructing and assessing.

  7. Adhere to the Canadian Soccer Association's Anti-Doping Policy.

  8. Honor any appointments made for and accepted by them unless unable to do so by virtue of illness or personal emergency.

  9. Not publicly criticize other referees, the national or provincial soccer association, or any referee's association.

  10. Not make any statement to the media (newspaper, television, radio, etc.) related to a game in which the referee has officiated, or to the performance of the players or other officials.

  11. Not accept any appointment to officiate in any competitive game involving a team in the same age group and gender division in the same league to which the referee is directly affiliated as a player, registered coach or manager.

  12. Not accept an appointment to officiate in any provincial championship game involving a team or club to whom the referee is directly affiliated as a player, a registered coach or manager, and elected executive or board member.

  13. Not accept any appointment to officiate in any competitive game in which an immediate member of his/her family by marriage or common law is a registered player or coach. An immediate member of the family is a parent, a spouse, a son or daughter, a brother or sister.

  14. Be subject to disciplinary action for not complying with this Code of Ethics.


 Referee Development

Click here to read the Referee Best Practices Memo

The Best Practices for Referee Development guide is now available. It contains a number of recommendations that the SSA will be undertaking right away and a number of longer term recommendations which will take time to put in place. 

Also, being released is the SSA Referee Pathway to Success which outlines the various options available to a referee to start and continue their officiating career.






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